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How Arizona Construction Accident Lawyers Help Injured Workers

Arizona construction accident lawyers understand that workers injured on construction sites often face tough financial issues and don’t know where to turn.  Sure, you can file a workers’ comp claim, but do you deserve more?  The circumstances surrounding your accident and resulting injury often dictate what type and how much compensation you are entitled to.  If you or a loved one have been injured on a construction site, it’s important that you consult with an experienced construction accident attorney in Arizona right away.

Some of the most common types of accidents that take place on construction sites include:

  • Welding or nail gun accidents
  • Explosions and exposure to chemicals
  • Crane, scaffolding and ladder accidents
  • Excavation and trenching accidents
  • Accidents involving dangerous or defective equipment or machinery
  • Slip and fall accidents

As a result of these accidents, victims may suffer back, neck or spinal cord injuries, or even injuries that are life-threatening or permanent.  Skilled Arizona construction accident lawyers can help you not only in filing for workers’ comp (which isn’t a simple process), but determining which other parties may be held liable.  In the construction industry, figuring out whether the property owner, general contractor, or even an equipment manufacturer may be responsible is frequently complex.  A trusted Arizona construction accident attorney will analyze the situation, review medical reports and documentation of the accident, interview witnesses and more to determine who should be held accountable, and to value your claim.

The fact is, if the only action you take is filing a workers’ comp claim, you could very likely be depriving yourself of the full compensation you deserve.  Injury victims often face not only substantial medical expense, but lost wages and possibly future income if their injuries are serious and require long-term care.  Paying the bills may become tough; you could even face bankruptcy as a result of your injuries.  It is to your benefit to consult with a qualified Arizona construction accident lawyer to ensure that your legal rights are protected, and that you get the full compensation you deserve from all liable parties.

Phoenix construction accident attorneys are skilled in this area, and know how to negotiate with insurance companies or effectively litigate if it becomes necessary.  Don’t be cheated out of what is rightfully yours; consult with a compassionate, skilled lawyer immediately if you have sustained injuries on a construction site.  Those who are responsible should be held fully accountable for their negligence.

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Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help You If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident

Are you an avid motorcycle rider? Have you recently been injured in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own? If so, you need the services of Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

It isn’t just about the accident

Unfortunately, there is a prejudice against motorcycle riders that if they decide to ride, they take the risk inherent in riding. Because they know they are not as protected as other motorists on the road, they must also assume any possibility an accident may occur, including fault if the accident occurs and they become injured or even killed.

However, that reasoning is only partly true. It isn’t fair to automatically assume that the motorcycle rider is the one at fault for a motor vehicle accident, and good Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys are very aware of this fact. When you’re the victim of someone else’s carelessness, inattentive driving, drunkenness, driving under the influence, etc., it makes no difference whether or not you’re riding a motorcycle or driving another type of vehicle. You deserve to be represented to the same capacity as any other motorist, regardless of vehicle. Experienced Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys will cut through the prejudice and present your case fairly and effectively, so that you get the compensation you deserve, either through settlement or by going to court and pursuing a jury award.

Respect means respect

The prejudice that you experience as a motorcycle rider may mean that other motorists don’t respect you on the road as you should be — and that can result in careless behavior from the other motorist that caused the accident. Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers who are versed in the laws especially as they pertain to motorcycle riders will be able to show that the other driver may have used prejudice to be more careless than he or she should have been, thus resulting in injury or even death to the rider. If you’re the rider, you deserve to be compensated for what happened to you both in terms of pain and suffering and for damages. If you’re the loved one of someone who died in a motorcycle accident, you may also deserve damages because you’ve lost your loved one’s comfort, income, and more.

Either way, don’t handle it on your own and contact a professional to help you with the situation. An experienced and skilled Arizona motorcycle accident lawyer will work with you to get you fair compensation, and you can hire them on contingency, so that you don’t have to pay for their services unless you win your case.

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If You’ve Had an Arizona Slip and Fall Accident, Consider an Arizona Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time, and while some are not serious, some mean lasting injury that can take weeks or months to recover from, or even leave permanent disability. If you’ve been the victim of a slip and fall accident, consider hiring an Arizona slip and fall injury attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit — that is, if you have been seriously injured.

While slip and fall accidents can certainly be serious, they usually aren’t, and Arizona slip and fall injury lawyers are very, very careful before they take these kinds of cases on. Because it’s so easy to file a fraudulent slip and fall case, any personal injury lawyer you contact about your case is going to be very, very careful to make sure you have indeed had a significant injury before they take the case on. Frivolous lawsuits will not be tolerated, but legitimate cases certainly need attention. If you’re the victim of a true slip and fall accident, don’t hesitate to get representation.

Questions to ask yourself before you attempt to retain an Arizona personal injury lawyer

1. Is my injury minor?

A sprained ankle certainly smarts, but it’s not going to keep you off your feet for more than a day or two. Therefore, it’s probably not worthy of a lawsuit, no matter how angry you may be that you’ve had a slip and fall. However, you must also have your injuries evaluated, because some injuries may be worse than originally assumed.

However, if the slip and fall hurt you seriously enough to go to the doctor AND it’s going to keep you off your feet for more than a day or two, such that you’ll need compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and so forth, you should contact one of the many qualified Arizona personal injury lawyers available, to review your case.

Often times, individuals can suffer back or spinal injuries, or even catastrophic injuries (especially for the elderly). The owners of the property may be liable for unmarked flooring or dangerous/wet flooring. This is often times referred to in Arizona as Premises Liability.  If you suffered these injuries on the job, your work related injury may need a lawyer with experience handling workers compensation cases such as Thomas Wilmer.

2. Did I need an immediate visit to the doctor?

If your injury didn’t require you to go to the doctor, it’s likely that it’s not a slip and fall case worthy of a lawsuit. However, again, if you needed to go to the doctor. to get medical attention and the injury itself is serious enough to keep you off your feet for an extended period of time, you probably need to file a claim for damages.

3. Am I going to need extensive rehabilitation?

If your injury is serious enough that you’ll need not just immediate treatment but extensive rehabilitation, you’ll meet compensation for your pain and suffering, and for the medical expenses you’ll face. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to review your case, then proceed from there.

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