Tom rescued us.

Tom represented each of us in separate auto accident claims. We found Tom to be extremely honest, a great help in understanding our claim, very knowledgeable, and answered all our questions quickly and accurately. We would highly recommend him to all. He met with us face to face from the beginning and communicated through out the process. Tom rescued us from a large law firm in the last minute and secured a fair settlement. Big thumbs up to a great attorney! One of the few left.

-Steve and Sharon

Tom does the leg work for you.

Tom Wilmer and Cindi were extremely helpful, attentive, and experienced. They simplified the legal process and worked very hard to help me obtain medical documents and other information that was needed for my lawsuit. I spoke with other potential attorneys before choosing Tom Wilmer, The other law firms wanted me to do the leg work in my case of acquiring medical documentation as well as information pertaining to my legal proceedings, This was very hard for me to do since I was injured. Once I chose Tom, all this was done swiftly and handled in a professional manner. I am super happy with my choice to use Tom Wilmer and the end result!