At Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C. we work aggressively to hold those manufacturers or distributors of defective tools and machinery accountable. Clients in Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Glendale, Payson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Surprise can depend on us for skilled, effective legal counsel. Those living in the Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Queen Creek, Sun City and Tempe communities can also count on our strong legal representation and guidance. If you are injured by a defective tool or machine and in need of a trusted Arizona personal injury attorney, we are ready to take whatever legal action necessary.

The use of defective tools in Arizona can lead to fractures, burns, amputation and other life-altering injuries. Every year thousands of individuals are injured in accidents involving tools that are defective in design or not clearly labeled as to the potential dangers involved in their use. Those in need of a capable Arizona can count on Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C. for guidance and skilled, effective legal representation when you need it most.

Whether you work on a construction site, working with power tools or a homeowner working with garden equipment, tools can be dangerous. Construction and industrial accidents involving tools often leave victims with serious or life-threatening injuries. We will investigate the details in order to determine who may be responsible for your injuries. Power tools, drill presses, air compressors, power saws, lawn mowers, weed trimmers - many of these tools are used in a business capacity as well as at home. An Arizona defective tool lawyer knows that injuries suffered in accidents involving tools can be serious.

When you work in an industry that requires the use of tools, your employer is responsible for meeting standards that vary from one industry to the next, ensuring that employees and individuals who may be on the property are protected from products that are potentially defective or faulty. We will work to determine if the injuries you sustained were due to a faulty tool, and if so who should be held accountable.

Sustaining a serious injury can cause you substantial financial stress. Not only may you face steep medical expenses, you may lose your earning power if you cannot work because of your injuries. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may need extensive medical care. We believe that those who were negligent should be responsible for these costs; we work hard to secure the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients.

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