Each year, thousands of people are seriously or fatally injured because of defective products. The Law Office of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C. works hard to protect the rights of those injured by these faulty products. Those residing in the Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Glendale, Payson, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Surprise areas of Arizona can count on us when you are in need of a capable Arizona defective products attorney. We are also happy to represent clients in the Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Queen Creek, Sun City and Tempe communities.

Who is responsible when you or a loved one sustain injuries caused by a defective product? Retailers, product designers, and manufacturers are commonly held liable for the costs associated with these injuries. These types of cases are often complex in nature, requiring an extensive amount of investigation and research. An Arizona defective product lawyer can help determine if you, in fact, do have a case, and guide you through the process of proceeding with a claim or filing a lawsuit

A manufacturer may be held responsible for costs related to your injuries or even wrongful death in some instances. When a manufacturer fails to take ordinary care in designing or manufacturing household appliances, children's toys, car components, tools and other products, it could be attributed to:

  • Inadequate testing or inspection of the product

  • A defect in design

  • Failure by the manufacturer to provide adequate warnings, instructions and labels on the product

  • Inadequacy in announcing recall information regarding the product

  • Manufacturing defects

Manufacturers or product designers may also be liable for injuries under strict liability or breach of warranty. In the case of strict liability, proof of negligence not necessary if a product is deemed defective and unreasonably dangerous. A breach of warranty may exist when products fail to meet implied or express warranties that come with the product in question. Our Arizona defective product attorneys can assist you in determining the most effective way to proceed with your claim.

There are products in every imaginable category that can be defective and unreasonably dangerous. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs, seat belts, child safety seats, tires, cars with designs that make them prone to serious accidents (such as some SUVs), tobacco, mechanical medical devices that are implanted - the list goes on and on. Faulty or defective products are responsible for numerous injuries and even some deaths every year. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries because of a product that you feel is defective or dangerous, contact the Arizona defective products lawyers at Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.

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