At Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C. our Arizona wrongful death lawyers realize that losing a loved one is devastating; the last thing on your mind is pursuing a wrongful death claim. However, we also realize that time is of the essence and that you should consult with an Arizona wrongful death attorney right away. Those living in the Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun City and Tempe areas can depend on our skilled Arizona injury lawyers to provide strong and aggressive legal counsel. If you reside in Cave Creek, Flagstaff, Glendale, Payson, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Surprise, we are also happy to represent your rights during a most difficult time.

When someone is killed in an accident or later dies of injuries sustained in an accident or incident where someone was negligent, remaining family members deserve justice. Our compassionate Arizona wrongful death attorneys realize that you are likely facing a devastating financial situation. Medical expenses, funeral costs and perhaps most importantly the emotional costs of losing a loved one are almost too much to bear. A trusted Arizona wrongful death lawyer will consult with you to help you understand what you may be entitled to and how to proceed. It is important that an investigation is begun right away so that the details and specifics do not become forgotten or muddled as time passes by.

Each situation is different, but an Arizona wrongful death attorney knows that recoveries in these types of cases are often significant. Nothing will bring back your loved one, but alleviating some of the financial burdens can make at least that part of your life easier to handle. When a motorist, doctor, property owner or someone else is responsible for an accident or injuries that cost your loved one their life, they should be held accountable. Our Arizona wrongful death lawyers take aggressive action, doing whatever is necessary to secure the best possible outcome.

When you lose a loved one, the feelings of sorrow, grief, and emptiness can be overwhelming, particularly if your loved one died suddenly or unexpectedly. At Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C., our Arizona wrongful death attorneys are dedicated and caring, giving your case our undivided attention. We will investigate right away to preserve any evidence of wrongdoing, and pursue answers to questions as to why your loved one lost his/her life.

Parents, spouses, and children of those who lose loved ones due to wrongful death are entitled to monetary damage for areas other than financial. For example, survivors experience loss of companionship, comfort, guidance, affection, and love. Your loved one may have been the primary income provider in your home. An aggressive Arizona wrongful death lawyer will work hard to recover all of the damages you are entitled to.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another party, contact the Arizona wrongful death lawyers at Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C. We are compassionate, dedicated and experienced professionals who understand what you are going through, and how to alleviate at least a small amount of your burden.